ERP Pipe

The Leading Supplier of ERW Pipes in India

Fencing, construction, plumbing, line pipes – what do these industries have in common? They all use electric resistance welding pipes or ERW pipes. A few common applications of these pipes are plant piping, deep tube wells, industrial water lines, water mains, and sewerage systems. The LPG industry is also using these pipes to transfer natural gas and eliminate non-toxic gas.

The Manufacturing Process of ERW Pipes

ERW pipes go through two stages during their manufacturing phase: metal rolling and longitudinal welding. In the first stage, the metal is extruded according to its desired length, followed by making angles at their cross-sections.

The manufacturers use strips or coils to create ERW pipes. You can use these pipes in applications that require low or medium pressure, such as oil or water transportation.

Best Features of ERW Pipes

Some of the features that make ERW pipes stand out are as follows:

  • High malleability
  • High strength corrosion resistance
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Superior strength

Each pipe goes through a series of tests, such as ring gouge test, micrometer check, straightness evaluation, hydro-test, and ultrasonic weld inspection to ensure that it meets the quality standards required in different industries.

ERW Pipe Suppliers in India

If you are looking for high-quality ERW pipes in India, you should contact Kedia Pipes and Steels. We have different types of ERW pipes that vary in length, width, and diameter. Our cost-effective pipes come with high dimensional tolerances, thus making them suitable for use in thermal power projects, transportation of drinking water, and boring wells.

A few other areas of application of our ERW pipes are the agriculture sector, transporting drinking water in houses, extraction of water, gas and water conveyance, and the automobile sector. Therefore, if you need a bulk supply of these pipes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will deliver your desired amount of ERW pipes to your doorstep.