Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes

The Uses Of Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe

It is safe to say that carbon seamless steel pipe is a product without which many major industries would simply not be able to function – or at least that the products that they produce or handle would be significantly more expensive were it not for carbon seamless steel pipe.

Carbon seamless steel piping is used in a variety of industries – including the petroleum and natural gas production sectors. Its popularity is in part due to wide availability and low cost. And the material is incredibly tough – the attraction of carbon seamless steel pipe is best illustrated by the reasons that it is used for well drilling projects. It is incredibly tough and durable – and able to withstand significant amounts of stress. Combining shock resistance and an ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, carbon seamless steel pipe is the perfect solution to large-scale infrastructure development, marine applications (such as use on offshore drilling platforms), agriculture, the chemical industry and in the distilling industry.

Because of its durability and strength, this piping can be produced in specifications where it is much thinner than other types of piping. This influences the cost of production and the cost to the organizations that will be using the pipes – as well as lower transportation and material handling costs.

There are a wide variety of different pipes for different industries – for instance, the high-quality carbon steel (10, 20) that is used in the petroleum refining sector. However, the specifications of this type of pipe vary enormously and various wall thicknesses and diameters are available to meet the incredibly diverse needs of the industries where it is used. By way of example, commonly used variants include 1/4″ SCH 40 Carbon Steel Pipe and 24″ SCH 40 Carbon Steel Pipe.

The chances are that however demanding and specialized the application, there will be a variety of carbon seamless steel pipe with specifications that make it right for the job.