Your Most Reliable Alloy Pipe Supplier in India

The performance of alloy steel pipes is superior to carbon steel pipes as they are corrosion-resistant and don’t cost a fortune. If you are looking for a reliable alloy pipe supplier in India who can deliver your order on time, you should get in touch with Kedia Pipes and Steels. We assure you that our products won’t disappoint you for your construction projects.

Mechanical Characteristics of Alloy Pipes

The following mechanical characteristics of our allow pipes set them apart from our competitors:

  • Tensile strength, MPa – 415 min
  • Yield strength, MPa – 205 min
  • Elongation, % – 30 min

Why Use Alloy Pipes?

One of the reasons why construction companies use alloy pipes is that they can easily withstand challenging weather conditions. Alloying affects the pipe’s heat-treatment conditions, mechanical properties, and microstructures, thus making it perform at a higher level than normal.

At Kedia Pipes and Steels, we have a wide range of alloy pipes that can suit your projects. From construction to plumbing projects, you can use our pipes for various purposes.

As the leading alloy pipe distributor, we ensure that each pipe goes through rigorous tests and quality checks before they get packed. Our quality control team follows a list of standards that help provide the best alloy pipes in the industry. Over the years, such strict quality control has enabled us to deliver alloy pipes that have high weldability and strength.

Buying Alloy Pipes

We have two types of alloy pipes – high-alloy steel pipes and low-alloy steel pipes. The proportion and composition of alloying elements differ in these products.

You can save money if you buy alloy pipes for sale or place bulk orders. We deliver all across India, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with our products. Start choosing alloy pipes from your most trusted alloy pipe supplier and place your order today.